Technology: Cybersecurity And Data Privacy

Protecting data is a vital concern for your business. My background in computer science and technology allows me to help companies in the Twins Cities and throughout Minnesota comply with the vast array of regulations concerning cybersecurity and data privacy.

My name is Chris Sullivan, and I am an attorney based on Minneapolis. I work with startups and established businesses of all sizes to develop thorough data privacy policies and response plans. I also work with business to create solid procedures to manage risk and comply with the ever-expanding rules and duties related to cybersecurity.

Have A Plan In Place

The best protection is to have a strong plan in place to minimize the risk of a breach. If a data breach is suspected or detected, what your company does in response is critical to your bottom line. Your data security plan must include a detailed emergency incident response plan to allow your workers to know what steps need to be taken and when.

I can review your existing policies to bring them up to the best current standards. If you have no data privacy plan in place, I can thoroughly review your data retention structure to craft a comprehensive data practice and incident response plan to help you maintain compliance with state and federal regulations, as well as common law principles. With 10 years of litigation experience, I am well prepared to protect your interests and help you resolve data privacy disputes.

Licensing And Development Agreements

In the technology sector, licensing, confidentiality, nondisclosure and development agreements are vital resources to protecting applications and intellectual property rights. I understand the issues that cause friction and can help you to craft the appropriate contracts.